FAN 590 Bonus Codes

The FAN 590 is Toronto's sports radio station. The "Fan Club" is their loyalty reward program. Listen to the radio and browse around the Fan 590 website for the secret codes. This is the best radio station to win free tickets for sporting events. They have a lot more contests than just entering bonus codes, like the Fantasy Hockey pool.
Secret Seat:3v

Brady & Lang Code:


Jeff Blair Code:


Tim & Sid Code:


Blog Bonus Code:


Newsletter Code:


Tuesday Twitter Trivia:


Other Codes:

fan exam --- They are not over worked.

Update FAN 590 Codes

If there is a new bonus code or trivia answer, update it here. Separate multiple codes with commas. Thanks.
Secret Seat Code?: Bonus Code Resouces:
- Smart Canucks FAN590 thread
- Price Network FAN590 thread
Brady & Lang Code?:
Jeff Blair Code?:
Tim & Sid Code?:
Blog Code?:
Newsletter Code?:
Tuesday Trivia?:
Other Codes?:

FAN 590 Loyalty Club Points

You can get FAN points in many ways:
1. The Fan590 contest page has a secret seat number.
2. Brady & Lang announces their code at: 6:17am, 7:17am and 8:37am.
3. Jeff Blair announces his code at: 9:17am, 10:57am and 11:37am
4. Tim & Sid announces their code at: 1:17pm, 2:57pm and 3:37pm.
5. A secret code can be found in a different blog everyday.
6. The FAN Insider Newsletter has a weekly bonus code.
7. Stanley Tools Twitter trivia question is posted on Tuesdays at Twitter.
8. Gamble your points at the casino games or scratch and win!
9. The FAN 590 frequently has new contests and ways to win points.