98.1 CHFI Loyalty Club Codes

The CHFI radio station rewards listeners with loyalty club points. Just answer their daily song and trivia questions. CHFI Loyalty Club Points can be gambled, entered in raffles, or redeemed for prizes and gift certificates.
(6am) Song at Six: Mary's Boy Toy - Bony M
(8am) Kickoff Song: I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus - John Mellencamp
(12pm) Tune at Noon: This Christmas I am broke-- Lady Antebellum
(5pm) Song of the Day: Jessica Simpson-Rockin Around The Around The Christmas Tree
(Sun) Featured Artist: -
Newsletter Code: HAPPY HANUKKAH
Other Codes: holidaymusic

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98.1 CHFI Loyalty Club Credits

There are various places to get CHFI Loyalty points:
- Daily: The radio station announces song titles at 6am, 8am, 12pm and 5pm.
- Weekly: Tish reveals the "Artist of the Day" on Sundays.
- Weekly: The newsletter contains a bonus code on Tuesdays.
- Contest Partner events. Sometimes they have a code on a partner page.
- Other announced bonus events.